ryan (avsquad) wrote,

i've gotta say, dish network is hella cheap.

when we signed up, we got $10 off of our bill for the first 12 months and hbo free for 3 months.  right about the time our free hbo ran out, they started a free 3 month showtime offer.  since weeds and dexter are both done for the season, i called and canceled our showtime account a few days ago.

lo and behold, i checked slickdeals this morning (like i always do) and there was a huge thread on dish network.  the new schtick is that  you can get cinemax for 2 full years at the low rate of 1 cent per year if you sign up for autopay and paperless billing.  because i'm lazy, we were already signed up for both of these services.  i gave customer service a call and they had no problem giving us the promotion anyway.

we're now paying $30 a month for 100 normal channels, 6 channels of showtime, local channels, and our tivo/dvr deal.  after the first year, it'll go up to $40, where it will remain indefinitely.  great.
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